Manage your mesh

BRamble is a web-based administration system for 6LoWPAN border-routers. It provides setup and diagnostic tools to easily deploy 6LoWPAN networks.

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What is a BR? A BR is a router that connects your 6LowPAN network to the Internet. Traffic is routed to and from the 6LoWPAN network automatically by the BR.

BRs can connect a variety of physical network types to a 6LoWPAN network. Commonly used networks are:

BRamble requires hardware running Linux and an 802.15.4 radio.

See supported hardware for details.


RPL Status

Live reporting and interrogation of the routing (RPL) in your 6LoWPAN network.

IPv6 Setup

BRamble makes it easy to get a globally routeable subnet in a variety of network environments: even from IPv4 networks behind NATs. Setup methods include:

Cloud Services

BRamble can help "glue" the software running on your low power wireless network to various Cloud Services.

Free and Open Source

BRamble is community developed and released under the GPLv3. You can find us on Github. Visit the wiki for more information about how to use or help develop BRamble.